The Graphics Office

Transit Center


Transit Center asked us to help them transition to their new existence as a alternative transportation non-profit. They will be an originator of transit projects, a source of funding as well as an active player in advocacy. This multi-faceted project includes guiding them in renaming the organization (“Transit Center” no more), creating a logo and brand for this new identity as well as developing a dynamic expandable web site. Phase 1 has concentrated on explorations in naming and creating their current temporary site— a placeholder for things to come.

For the temporary revision of the website, we created a slideshow on the homepage, commissioned illustrations by Oliver Munday, and incorporated a Twitter feed. We retained the existing name, but simplified the logo.

An early step in the renaming process was to explore variations of “institutional” names that used words related to the the mission statement. We used an online combination generator to create about 13,000 combinations of words like “Mobility,” “Research,” and “Institute.”

Below: We illustrated how design can influence the naming of a brand; brand design can make an institutional name playful, or vice versa. We chose placed names of existing organizations on a continuum from serious to playful.

An invitation for a workshop at TransitCenter.